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BMA Miljö
Transportation and Waste Management

BMA Miljö is a family business located in Korpo, in the Finnish archipelago approximately 80 km from Turku.

We at BMA Miljö offer a wide range of transports and logistics services, such as regular cargo traffic between the cities of Turku, Nagu, Pargas, Korpo and Houtskär as well as machinery, construction materials and containers. We also provide lifting equipment services.

Our waste management services consist of:

• Waste collection, waste disposal and area cleaning with grapple crane or backhoe.

• Rental and sale of waste dumpsters, containers and big bags.

In matters of:

• General cargo, please dial 02-4631033 or 0400-743308

• Other transportation, please dial 02-4631033 or 0400-437569

You may also contact us via email: info@bmamiljo.fi